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Exmortis 3 is 19 bucks?!

2009-09-09 16:46:37 by physicsman09

So I've been a big fan of Ben Leffer's Exmortis games for a while now.

Exmortis 1 seen here;

And Exmortis 2 seen here;

Exmortis 2 came out in 2006, a little over 3 years ago.

Recently he finished the final game in the series, Exmortis 3, seen here;

However, unlike the first two games, Exmortis 3 costs about 19 dollars (US) to play the full version, I figured that this wouldn't be much of an issue for me because all I really cared about was the story. So I play the demo version of the game and I was amazed at the actual content of the game, regardless of how little it was.

However, I was dissapointed as to how much of the story was revealed in the demo, I wanted to learn of how you finally defeated Vleaw. I also wanted to know about the remnants of humanity, and more of the story of how the Exmortis came to Earth and how they wiped out civilization.

But, since I am still a HUGE fan of this series, I guess I'll have to suck it up and shell out 19 bucks to play the full game.

Hopefully it will be money well spent.


2009-09-07 21:08:12 by physicsman09


I'm not leaving.

2009-09-01 22:18:56 by physicsman09

I guess most of you missed the post I made saying "lol I troll you."

I'm not really leaving guys, I just have basically no time to do anything recreational now, seriously between classes and the Air Force I'm really busy.

So until further notice, I'm going to be very busy.

I'm finished.

2009-08-20 21:47:23 by physicsman09

Well it's been fun guys, but it's time for me to move on with my life.

College is starting, this coupled with my Air Force duties I won't have any time to mess around on Newgrounds or stickam.

So until further notice, I'm done.

Gotta love the USA

2009-07-13 21:06:52 by physicsman09

God Bless the USA!

Hey help out my friend.

2009-06-10 23:29:57 by physicsman09

Support Riki, she's a talented individual who deserves recognition for her work. tfolio.htm

You're welcome Riki.


2009-05-08 18:24:31 by physicsman09

Prom is a waste three things.


Let's begin with time, I see all these morons who recognize that prom is the epitome of their lives, they will have no greater joy in their life than when they dress up in a rental tux/dress and arrive at their high school in a limo.

To me, this is just pathetic, of all the things that are possible, the limitless potential that people carry with them, it is moronic and juvenile to expect prom night to be the "greatest night of your life."

Next, money.

I'm going to college next year, I'm not going to waste 75 dollars on a ticket, and then another 400 to rent a freaking limo for some chick that I probably can't stand anyway.

Third, energy.

In order to buy a ticket, get someone to go with you, rent a limo and for all other required actions to participate in prom (including going to prom) requires an enormous amount of energy, energy that could be better spent on more productive endeavors.

In short, prom is for suckers.

Swine Flu

2009-04-27 19:44:39 by physicsman09

Hopefully in a month or so we will all look back at this and laugh.

But in the meantime, check out my swine flu update thread if you want current information regarding the situation.


It is infinitely better to overreact, than to underreact.

Knowledge is the first line of defense after all.


2009-04-03 19:00:28 by physicsman09


It's not funny, It's just another stupid April Fools joke.

And I'm annoyed at how I can't post in the BBS, I wouldn't mind it so much If I could post.

All in all fuck this, it's stupid, I'm going to go study now.