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J.JonahJameson? J.JonahJameson?

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robo robo

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This user has been banned.

Good because that's horrible art.

Lars Moisture Farm Lars Moisture Farm

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Uncle Owen!

Aunt Beru!?

cptyossarian responds:

You can waste time with your friends when your chores are done.

A bloke and his online GF A bloke and his online GF

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Caterpie Caterpie

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That's freakin hilarious.

It's caterpie man lmao.

Doomsday 3,333 Doomsday 3,333

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Pretty cool man.

Inaccurate, but cool.

Fleshlight responds:

inaccurate? How? Please be more constructive with your critique. You're not helping anyone by giving crappy reviews.

Slappy v. Da Blob Slappy v. Da Blob

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As we enter the proverbial age of human enlightenment, we recognize an undeniable truth.

This truth? This truth, is that regardless of our color, our religion, our gender, or our mentality, we are all human. We shall begin the age of the great tolerance, the age of reason, rationality, and respect for all sentience here on earth.

For whether or not we choose to follow our destiny, we as humans are compelled to search for the answers to the great questions in the universe. We are both blessed and cursed with our conscience and our sentience. It makes us the protectors of those in the universe who cannot defend themselves, it makes us the judge of those who would wrong us. Our sentience, and quite possibly the sentience of others beyond our comprehension, is the greatest gift to the universe that has ever been conceived.

At the risk of sounding cliche, our destiny, as both humans and fellow sentient beings, is to extend our reach towards the heavens, and to seek a foothold in the multiversial arena which we have barely crept forth into.

Out of the darkness, we arrive at the shore of the universe, we as humans have not even begun to sail the seas of space, we have only so much as wet our toes in this amazing and ultimately inevitable journey.

Should you desire, your artistic ability can help us further the cause, and help bring humanity into a golden age of enlightenment.

What say you?

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tehslaphappy responds:

You are more informed.

Remember me... Remember me...

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Your artistic conviction is a testament to all of humanity.

In your art I can always find solace, I can find inner peace.

But most importantly I can find a sense of decency and rationality in a chaotic world controlled by the egotistical and the senseless.

Regardless, I hope, nay, pray, that one day the true nature of your artistic potential is recognized, and that through this you are inspired to seek out your own purpose in this world.

For now, we must be content in our own isolated world in which we reside.

Perhaps, one day, while poised on the edge of forever, and the persistance of memory. We may indeed be free.

Your art will play an integral role in the process of enlightenment, and indeed will be the undoing of hatred and ignorance.

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tehslaphappy responds:

Tear drop.

Battle Ship Battle Ship

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty cool man.

I really don't think I'm supposed to be here yet.

Cool art nevertheless.