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Chemistry and Calculus

2010-04-16 22:21:58 by physicsman09

Are some of the worst things on this planet, who agrees?


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2010-04-16 23:21:58

and women

physicsman09 responds:



2010-04-17 04:40:17

disagree. Accounting and US History before 1870 are the worst things on this planet

physicsman09 responds:

Those are nothing compared to both of these.


2010-04-18 22:06:48

yessssssss, well, I have chemistry.


2010-04-21 10:48:49

Chemistry is awesome. So I disagree.


2010-04-25 17:07:54

Chem is hard, especially organic chem.

Also, multivariable calculus is a cakewalk compared to fucking Galois Theory. I'd go back to doing that div, grad and curl stuff any day.


2010-04-29 04:28:52

If they are considered the worst things on this planet by you, you should probably refrain from using any sort of medicine for the rest of your life. And since calculus is applied virtually everywhere you shouldn't be using any more computers, manufactured products or use transportation anymore, just to name a few things.


2010-05-01 11:38:46

You make some interesting posts on the BBS physicsman.

May I know your name?

physicsman09 responds:

I'm Tim, I'm in Stickam a decent amount check it out.


2010-05-07 17:45:33

But... I liked Chemistry. :(

Well, until it just turned into Physics (which is itself just maths with letters instead). Then it got gay.

Meh; Biology > all.


2010-05-28 16:08:03

*two of the worst

don't say some when it's two, f000000000l


2010-06-14 18:54:48

Care to elaborate? Considering your username, you'd think you'd understand the importance of such subjects.

physicsman09 responds:

There's a difference between understanding their importance and enjoying them.

I suppose calculus isn't half bad, but Chemistry is God awful.